Importance of technology

Perhaps the language of today’s world totalizes in one word, and that is known as Technology. This is one domain that is revolutionizing every single sphere of the lives nowadays with each passing day, and the ball of growth in technology keeps rolling still. The primary aim of scientific and technological as a combined discipline is to minimize manual intervention and automate work so that much more functional, accurate and speedy results are achieved with minimum input. This is the reason behind the bygone manual days are left behind as history as the same has been replaced by technology for the past few decades and at present, the whole world is witnessing the most intensive and inclusive expansion of technology. The importance of technology is a wide subject because the daily lives of the human beings have undergone a big evolution with every phase of life getting transformed due to technology. However, the following few sectors can be said to be the active participants in this era of technology:

importance of technology

what is the importance of technology in education, health care, business, agriculture etc. essay and speech

Communication: This is one of the major facets of present-day lives, which has metamorphosed like anything since the inception of technology but the massive changes that have occurred and are occurring of late are simply unparalleled. The telecommunication sphere has become much more seamless and simplified due to technological advancements and today, the world is known as a global village or rather a virtual village. This is mainly due to digitalization, which is another prominent part of technology. The advent of Internet, World Wide Web and have eased the communication process to such an extent that today, starting from the very lower middle-class strata of the society to the upper echelons, connectivity is the key word for all as everyone can communicate because apart from being getting highly developed, technology has indeed made communication affordable as well.

Health Care: There is hardly any hospital or nursing home in the recent times that does not carry electronic equipment for doing tests and diagnosis of the diseases. In fact, every day, the level of technology in this equipment is augmenting to a certain extent mainly due to the extensive research and development in the field of biomedical engineering or instrumentation, which is a singular subject dealing only with the manufacture of medical instruments. Diseases that used to be fatal once upon a time such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, cancer, AIDS and the like have found remedies due to technology, and the longevity of people’s lives is also getting increased. Several medicines are also being prepared owing to developments in the field of pharmaceuticals, which is another integral part of healthcare. Hence, on the whole, healthcare is also blessed richly with the gifts of technology.

Banking and Finance: Gone are those days when there used to big fat manual ledgers, which were tallied by the staffs of the banks day in and day out and the pages of accounting entries seem to be never ending! With the onset of financial technology and various other related disciplines like banking technology, the vital aspects of banking like accounting, bookkeeping, depreciation calculation, loans management, asset management, so on and so forth. Along with the office operations, the customers of the banks are also benefited with the technological touches of banking as they are no longer standing in queues for hours because they have got the facility of internet banking, mobile banking, ATM cards, credit cards, cheque clearing, settlements, foreign exchange and several other utilities through which they can transfer funds to third parties, make bill payments, merchant payments, book tickets, pay fees, do shopping and win the world in short! There is another side of the finance e domain dealing with the stock exchange, mutual funds, capital market, money market, treasury and much more that have also undergone dynamic changes due to technology. Added to these, a closely related field known as insurance has advanced in a likewise manner due to technology.

Business, commerce, and trade: There are different factors associated with the running of a business such as general administration, human resource, planning, marketing, finance, and operations all of which are equally getting developed with technology. In fact, technology is enabling multitasking, centralization of work, efficient management information system, enterprise resource planning or ERP and other varied features that work in mutual harmony with each other to bring out the required return on investment.

Education: Education sector is heavily benefited by technology. Computers and projectors are common in schools these days. School management software makes the job of school management really easy. Students can use internet, education apps etc. on their mobile phones and tablets to learn new skills.

Agriculture: Farmers are also using latest technology inventions to increase their agriculture production. They can grow their crops faster with more production, using less water and fertilizers using the latest technology.

This is just a snapshot of the immense role of technology in today’s regular lives of the people as the discussion is vast and knows no bounds. Every single second today is coming out with some new technology that is getting reflected in the lives of the all and sundry thereby leading to the betterment and beautification of mankind.


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3 thoughts on “Importance of technology

  1. Ramesh Gulati

    Although technology is useful, but it has made a lot of negative impact on our life too. When I see young people, glued to the screen of their mobile phones, I feel pity for them. In our days, we used to go outside, play in the park, play sports that make you physically fit. If someone today invents a system to restrict usage of gadgets for certain time unless the person does some kind of physical activity, he can become a millionaire.

    1. Richie_ks

      well, you don’t know anything about this generation. We also go out and play sports. We are not glued to mobile phones all the time. Yes, technology is much more prevalent today and that’s why you see people using it much more, but check the statistics. People are more aware of their health these days than 20 years back. There are more gyms now. People are quitting smoking. So, stop being negative and start seeing things positively.

  2. Shakti

    Well, this is going to be long, but I’m in the mood for writing, so let’s do it:
    1. Technology helps us in better communication. Mobile phones, the Internet, computers etc. are products of technology. Now you can communicate with anyone in anywhere in the world via text, voice calls or video calls.

    2. Technology makes health care better. Now there is a cure for the diseases which used to take millions of life before all thanks to technology and science. Doctors can perform complex surgeries, transplants etc. to make the life of the patients better. Avg. human life expectancy has increased in last 15-20 years all thanks to technology.

    3. Technology helps farmers to be more productive and get the better return from their crops. There are so many instruments, vehicles, and tools for farmers which they can use to produce more with less time and workforce.

    4. Businesses are getting smarter and more productive with the use of latest technology. Technology helps businesses to better understand the market, analyze, enhance production and much more.

    5. The education sector is getting a lot of benefit from the latest technology. Teachers and schools use the tech gadgets to teach, students can use the Internet to do the research etc.

    I can go on and on but I need to attend my math classes on my online app. See, I don’t even need to go to school, all thanks to technology.


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