Importance of technology in nursing

Nursing is noble profession wherein the nurses are trained to become experts in taking care of the sick patients. The role of the paramedical staff including the nurses has increased to a great extent. With the introduction of modern technology, quality of medical care has improved for the general population. Nurses are now using various tools at their disposal to provide enhanced services to the patients.

importance of technology in nursing

Informatics Nurse: It is an extremely important position that monitors the data flowing from the clinics hospitals and the doctors. Information plays a very important role in the treatment of the patients as it contains vital data about the disease history. Advanced training of the nurses is carried out so that they can work on the new systems.

Cardiac care: Nurses working in cardiology department have to monitor the health of the patients using electrocardiogram technology. It provides information about the health of the heart. In the case of any problem, the device issues notification so that immediate action can be taken by the nursing staff.

Electronic health records: One of the most important benefits of technology in nursing is the presence of the electronic health records. Nurses can immediately scan the patient history on a click of a button and analyse the treatment provided to the individuals in the past. The application provides alerts to the nurses in case of any conflict. By completely integrating the information, technology assists in improving the productivity of the nursing staff.

Drug delivery: Each drug is imbibed with a bar code containing complete information about the composition. It is easier for the nurses to scan the data and immediately administer the medication to the patients without any hassles. Quick and timely treatment is essential to save the lives of the people.

Computers: Computers are attached to the bed of the patients with information being sent directly to the main server. Nurses have to enter the medicines being given to the individuals and the records are stored directly onto the main information system. Centralized access ensures that the nurses are able to deliver impeccable services to the patients.

Medical devices: Numerous medical devices are being launched by the companies to make the work stress free for the nurses. Infusion delivery systems along with ventilators are embedded with artificial intelligence to detect the problem of the patients. Personal digital assistants are provided to nurses for easy access to the patient history.

Ease of use: Due to the presence of hospital management system, nurses do not have to look towards the doctors for small information. The data is available on the system for fast and effective access. Patient charts can be accessed on a fly for reference to make the treatment extremely effective. Interdepartmental communication among the paramedical staffs ensures the optimization of the hospital operations.

Although technology is very important to the nurses, it also throws numerous challenges. New information systems are complex; therefore the nursing staff requires advanced training for maximum effectiveness. It is important to make prior preparations before installation.


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