Importance of Vacation

Modern lifestyle is a disproportionate mixture of hectic work life and a stressful personal life. We are barely left with time for ourselves thanks to the 10 to 12 hours that are spent at the office desk. Here comes the importance of vacations. It releases us from our daily schedule and help us to unwind. Apart from the relaxation of our body and mind, vacation plays a very important role in improving our daily life as well. It gives us the space to spend time with ourselves or our loved ones and discover a healthier self.

importance of vacation

Here are the top reasons why vacation is very important for every individual:

  • Makes you happier: Vacations give you the space to be yourself and spend time doing anything you like. You do what makes you happy, be it exploring a new place or relaxing by the beach or spending time with friends and family. It relieves you from daily stress and improves your mood and energy levels. You will discover a happier self and will be able to keep people around you happy and in great mood always. Isn’t this reason enough to make you pack your bags right away?
  • Gives you better health: The effects of stress on our body are not unknown to us anymore. Stress leads to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol levels and sometimes even cancer. Vacations help you de-stress and reverse the effects of stress on your body. Your body repairs and renews itself during your vacation. Your system gets reset and you experience better health by the time your vacation ends. During vacations, you also get the chance to explore places by foot which keeps your body active and boosts blood circulation and metabolism. You may come back little sore but definitely fitter and ready to start your long pending gym plans.
  • Bond with yourself and family: In the middle of a very hectic professional life, we often end up forgetting what we are like as an individual. We forget our hobbies and interests. We also end up being distant with our family and friends. Vacation with family and friends helps you to connect back with them. A solo vacation gives you the space to reflect on your personal life and rework on it to put things back together. Feeble bonds get stronger and new bonds get familiar with vacation. That’s one reason why newly married couples go for a honeymoon!
  • Know the world around: Vacation gives you the space to explore the world around you. You get to see new places, meet new people and realize there’s more to this world other than the daily vanilla routine. You learn to look at your life with a new perspective and a fresh outlook. For example, during vacation, when you see people in countryside living simpler lives and being satisfied with the same, you learn how important it is to take a break and slow down. You rethink your lifestyle and when you come back you implement those ideas for good. Vacation brings in positivity and when you come back to your old routine, you are in your more vibrant and energetic self.
  • Increased productivity: A vacation helps you to put a stop to your continuous energy expenditure at work. Your brain and body restore itself and you bounce back to work with a bang after a vacation. Your mental health also improves and you can focus on your work better. Research proves those employees who opt for vacation perform better than those who work continuously throughout the year. So if you have leaves or long weekends coming up, pack your bags and plan a getaway and come back to work refreshed and energized.
  • Importance for students: Students’ life is very stressful these days. A vacation in once in a while can reduce the stress of studies and peer pressure. Research has proven that taking a vacation can prove better for the students.

Some people avoid vacations considering the work pressure or the expenses. But it is absolutely okay to go for the vacation at least once in a year. Quality time with yourself or with your family in a nice place that relaxes your mind and body acts as a soul restoration process. Negativity is released and your body is detoxed totally. It not only makes you happier and healthier but also gives you the space to spend time with your loved ones who crave for your time and make them happy as well. Vacations bring you face-to-face with who you are as an individual and not as a professional at the office. You go back to your basics and live your original habits and choices. So grab your backpack, put your essentials in and head out for a relaxing vacation right away!


essay on importance of vacation

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  1. Sophia

    A need of a vacation in a student’s life is less mentioned . And a need of a vacation in a mother’s or house wife’s life is absolutely needed to be mentioned , after all the stress they go through too . Much more than most .


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