The Importance of Wedding

Almost everyone has to hear the advice from their well-wishers. This kind of requests come from the part of relatives and parents mostly. Initially, you will feel like it’s a social obligation, but after attaining a certain age, a large chunk of bachelors mourn for being single throughout their life. On the other hand, you can come across with various instances where couples are fulfilling their responsibilities This two different situation will land anyone to the utter confusion. A simple question will create a storm in mind- whether the person should get married or not?

importance of wedding

Fairy tale versus fair lifestyle

Everyone must be aware of this proverb that marriages are made in heaven. Fairy tales are creating an illusion of happy married life by providing the examples of prince and princess. The next question will haunt human mind then why the divorce rate is increasing day by day? Is it just because women are starting airing their opinions or just a jolt to the age-old social structure where women need to sacrifice only? In the contemporary society, women are enjoying the equal power with men still they have the sole responsibility to control the household. This extra responsibility sometimes becomes the apple of discord in between newly married couple and they have to proceed towards the unwanted step; divorce. No one wants to take this types of destructive action, and that is why they try to adjust even after tolerating mental mismatch!

Secret of happy married life

Spending quality time with your spouse: Those who seek to provide quality time to their partner even after managing the daily routine bound life mostly they all share a healthy relationship. You need not be typically romantic always with your spouse but still having a “we time” “can bring new dynamics to the old relationship where two persons need to stay under the same roof due to some social obligations. Ask yourself, what kind of marital relationship do you want? A new link, where you will feel like go back to your home at the end of your office.

Planning everything together: Since this is the beginning of togetherness often couples, tend to forget the simple things that both the partners have equal importance and they must discuss things properly before acting upon it. Young people never think too seriously to handle this small and sensitive matters that how it can hurt the other one in the relationship. The understanding must be great to take the extract of happiness from the married life. Try to abide by your spouse even about the small details to make themselves feel special in your life.

A bright beginning of togetherness: Marriage is more like a new phase which will be filled with new kind of experience. This step will teach both the partners that how to live a selfless life to serve your family members better. Marriage is much more than physical union as it is all about spiritual and emotional togetherness.

The union brings that oneness: The idea of the union comes from the concept of sacred, ritualistic wedding. It is a bond which can be last even after death also. This never ending kind of relationship status prerogatives the idea of oneness. Sending entire life together makes it apter and an appropriate term as to be said as a friend in need a friend indeed kind. The special bond a person share with his or her spouse that can’t ever be described in words.

The pleasure of parenting: The completeness of wedding comes after having a child together. Nothing can replace of being the parents of a newborn. A biological child is not the ultimate thing as there are innumerable instances where adoption provides the pleasure of raising up a newborn. Research reveals that absence of either mother or father creates abnormal activities inside the subconscious mind of a child. That can quickly lead them to be criminal in future. A healthy marriage can kick this negative idea away. The child will also understand the importance of marriage in their life.

Most lovely relationship of the world: The idea of love takes the matured shape when it takes the form of wedding. The most important part of the wedding is that it will allow increasing the birth rate of each and every family by having children. That is why the importance of marriage cannot be overlooked ever.


Significance of marriage ceremony

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  1. Harjeet

    While the wedding is important, someone should not be forced to get married until he/she is ready to get married. In countries like India, parents interfere so much in the kids’ life, they want them to get married at their wish. They try to control every aspect of their life. What will they study, what will be their profession, whom they will marry, when they will have kids etc. All these lead to no happiness.


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