Importance of women in society

In this day and age of advocating for women empowerment is taking the forefront in every nation, everyone is quick to claim their support for women. Crimes against women are on the rise, not just in underdeveloped and developing nations, but in developed countries as well. It is becoming more and more important to educate the world about the equality of the two sexes. And although no one really poses the question, let us stop for a minute, take a step away from the question of natural rights, and ask ourselves, ‘why is this entire hullabaloo there regarding women? What purpose will be served by granting women equal rights as men and telling the world to conform to this understating?’ Most of us would be stumped were to be asked these questions.

Importance of women in society

In this article, let us put an end to the speculation and have answers ready every time someone questions us on our motives for treating women better, and as human with equal rights as the opposite sex.

Bearing and rearing

Let us begin with the obvious. Perpetuation of the race is one of the most important tasks of the human species, and that would be impossible without women. Even today, we need a womb to successfully rear an embryo, and that can only be supplied by a woman. Of course, that is not to say that the woman is a childbearing machine. Since time immemorial, women have been taking care of the household and rearing children, and the role of the mother-figure in the family is undeniable and virtually irreplaceable.

Political activity

The role played by women in the political field is an undeniable one. Today, women can vote, which makes them important members of the community from a political perspective. Widespread education in most regions across the world has also enabled women to become a lot more aware of political situations, broadening their perspective and making them more capable of making important decisions regarding the political situation of their nation and on a global scale. Today, women are taking on more and more responsibility in the political field, not just as voters, but as active participants and political leaders who being about great change.

Emotional well being

The role of the woman in the household is positively irreplaceable. Sociologically speaking, the woman is the caregiver of the family. The mother, or the mother figure in the family plays the undeniably important role of ensuring that the child grows into a well rounded human being. Psychologists and sociologists across the world are unanimous in their agreement on the importance of the mother’s role in the life of the child; the mother is responsible for not juts feeding and clothing the child, but also for developing them emotionally and psychologically sound.

Earning potential

Women have always played an important role in family life, but that has perhaps never been as true as it is now, with more and more women stepping out of their familial boundaries and taking on a career. Today, women are seen in every workplace across the world, irrespective of the nature of the job. Equal opportunities are provided to women in the workplace, at least theoretically. In many cases, the prevalent stereotype is being subverted as more and more women are becoming the primary earners in the family, earning, as much, if not more, than their male counterparts. The role of women is providing for the family, both financially and emotionally, has become even more prominent.

Workplace involvement

The stereotyping of women generally involves restricting them within certain limitations. For a long time, the belief was prevalent that women were suitable only for the so-called ‘feminine’ jobs, such as nursing and caring for children and the old. However, these roles have become relaxed in today’s society, and gender bases surrounding them have all but disappeared. Today, we have compassionate doctors and strict academics who are females, and there are women serving their country valiantly in the military.

To look at the issue generally, we need to understand that women form half the population of the entire world. By not empowering half the population, we will be forfeiting the talents and strengths of half the human race. Statistically speaking, this will slow down the progress of the human race considerably, with only half of the resources being utilized. This will be further expedited by providing equal opportunity for women, instead of stereotyping their functions and roles in the society. In turn, understanding the importance of the role of women in society will allow us to grow further and at far more accelerated rates.


the role of women on our society as opposed to traditional one

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    Thank you for writing this article on the importance of women in our society. I had to give a speech on ‘women’s importance in society’ in my college fest and this really helped me to get inspiration for my speech. I got lot of applauds, thank you so much.


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