Importance of zoology in our daily life

Zoology refers to the branch of science that deals with the study of the mannerisms, habitats, structure and classification of animals. It is referred to as the proverbial “Noah’s Ark”, protecting the declining global ecosystem by programs such as rehabilitation, breeding, awareness campaigns, etc. It is an immensely important stream of biology that makes life a lot better for humans in a way. However, people think of it as another boring subject. In reality, it is much more than that. It helps us realize the true essence of life, the magic of nature and much more.

importance of zoology

Food: Most of us consume considerable amounts of eggs, milk and meat on a daily basis. Zoology helps us understand the system of production of these food items, eventually helping us to improve their number and quality. Armed with what zoology has to teach us, we are at a better position to tackle the cattle!

Dismissing Myth: Many of us feel all snake bites are fatal, tigers are ferocious murderers, killer whales kill people, sharks are mindless hunters, etc. The ignominious darkness people live in can only be removed with knowledge, and zoology provides us with the necessary knowledge regarding these myths. Dismissing such stupid notions cause awareness amongst people that help them act more responsibly in future. Hence, zoology plays an important role in making us aware.

Appreciating nature: Zoology helps us make sense of the beautiful nature around us. The mystery of the sheer beauty that the untamed wild animals radiate, and their seemingly “tamed” nature towards each is revealed once you study zoology. The magic of the subject helps one unravel the magic of Mother Nature. Once you know the life cycles that co-exist in nature, you’ll know what peace is, and you’ll surely realize that animals have much higher ethics than us.

Understanding the need to preserve: There are people who think we preserve various species because they’re “pretty”, which is hilarious! Once you understand zoology, and nature, you’d understand the co-existing harmony between animals and the ecological balance. If one of the species is eliminated, the whole food chain is disturbed, causing a disastrous unbalance in nature. Hence, zoology helps us understand the need to protect.

Understanding our roles: Humans are an important part of the ecosystem. They’re one of the brainiest, and smartest of all species. But we humans are also the reason to depletion of the ecosystem. We are, in a way, destroying nature. Zoology helps us understand the need to preserve it and helps us understand our roles as the caretakers of Mother Nature. Since we are the dominating species on earth, we have no right to destroy the planet. As a generation, we have borrowed it and must return it in a good condition to our future generations.  We, as animals, are the most dangerous species. Zoology helps us make the better of it.

Industrial Use: Honey, wax, leather, shells, etc are an important part of our lives. These substances are obtained from animals, and what’s better than zoology to teach us the best way of extracting all these from animals! Over the years, extraction of wool, silk, etc have become much cheaper and profitable, courtesy zoology.

Agricultural use: Zoology helps us identify the role of several insects in crop destruction and growth. Armed with this knowledge, farmers have a better chance of saving their crops from destructive pests and exposing them to useful insects. Thus, an agriculturist is hugely benefited .

Medical: A lot of surgical information we have today are data we have collected by dissecting other animals. Also, a lot of diseases like swine flu and bird flu are passed on to humans through animals. Zoology comes to our rescue here, helping us understand animals better and counter these diseases.

Genetic Modification and tracing roots: Zoology has given a lot of information about our ancestors and evolution of animals and the mankind. We are now aware of a lot of events that have occurred in the past regarding evolution.

Also, zoology has shown us a way towards genetic modification which refers to the alteration of genes of an animal. We have an insight into our betterment. We can improve our race, having progenies with perfect features and characters at our will.

Zoology is a vital stream of science. One may not be an expert in the field, but possessing knowledge about the subject will always prove to be beneficial. To study zoology is not a matter of desire, but one of duty.


importance of zoology

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