Importance of ATM Machines

Who doesn’t know to use the ATM machines today? They play a very important part in our day-to-day lives. We no longer have to carry a lot of liquid cash with us with the advent of these machines. All the banks nowadays, provide an ATM card and a four-digit PIN number. The PIN number ensures the security of your account.

It is not necessary to be a professional to understand the operations of an ATM machine. Any individual with a valid ATM card and PIN number can easily operate it without seeking the help of others. In this article, we will see the importance of the ATM in our lives.

importance of atm

  • You can withdraw your money at any time of the day or night from the ATM machines. This helps a lot of people during the emergency situations. All the hospitals, railway stations, and airports are provided with at least one ATM machine to help people to withdraw the money as and when required.
  • The ATM machines have become so advanced that you can even transfer your money using them. Both intra-bank and inter-bank transfers are possible with the help of these machines. Though the inter-bank transactions will be charged as per the terms and conditions, you can do intra-bank transactions absolutely free of cost.
  • All the ATMs will provide a mini statement which will help you to know the transactions that have happened through your account. You will get the details of the last 8 transactions you have made using your account from the ATM machines.
  • ATM machines are not only used for withdrawing money, but also for checking the balance amount in your account.
  • The advertisers, nowadays make use of the ATM machines to promote their products by displaying ads on the screen of these machines. Some of the ATMs also provide the receipts along with the details of the offers provided by a company or a brand.
  • Almost all the major stores, petrol pumps, etc., have ATM machines. Hence, you can swipe your card on these machines and pay the bill easily. You do not have to bring the cash every time you wish to make the purchase.
  • You can also pay all your electricity, TV channel subscription, and telephone bills using the ATM machines.
  • There are some ATM machines which support both the card based and card-less cash deposits. Not all the ATM machines across the globe are equipped with this feature.
  • Pre-booking of the Airline tickets have become easier with the help of these ATM machines. If your internet is not working or the travel agents are fully occupied with a lot of other customers, you can book your tickets in advance via the ATM counters.
  • In case, if you have any doubt regarding your account number, there is a provision provided in the ATM machines which will send your account number to the registered phone number.
  • Do you need to recharge your mobile phone immediately? Go to the nearest ATM counter and get your recharge done without any hassle.
  • ATM machines have made the online shopping much easier. If your transaction complies with the terms and conditions of the bank, you can make your payments without any delay to the vendors.
  • You can easily buy and transfer the airtime to your loved ones with the help of ATM machines. You need to use the ATM machine of that bank in which you have created your account.
  • The ATM machines are also considered to be an important source of revenue. Small-scale entrepreneurs who want to avoid paying the extra fees charged by the credit and debit card providers use these machines.

Therefore, we can say that the ATM machines play an inevitable role in our economy. It is not even possible to spend a day outside in a country without an ATM machine. The PIN number provided by the ATM also has reduced the risk of theft to a great extent. Though there is still a risk of getting the ATM machine looted, almost all the counters have a security guard to ensure the safety of the money inside the machines.

It is not always possible to travel with a lot of liquid cash. People will not have a peace of mind when they have huge amounts with them. The ATM machines have helped to get rid of this concern. Almost all the cities of the developing and the developed countries also have ATM machines so that people will no longer feel helpless when faced with an emergency situation.

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