Importance of discipline in our lives

6 Benefits of Discipline in Our lives

Discipline is one of the most important and useful attributes that a person can have. Right from our childhood, we are taught discipline in a variety of ways and by almost everyone around us: at home, in school, and even in the playground. The school hours teach us about punctuality, and at home, we learn about table manners at the dinner table. Games at the playground teach us the importance of rules. In fact, if you look at it carefully, you will find that every step we take in our childhood is designed to instill some amount of discipline in us.  So what makes discipline so important? Let us find out.

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It keeps you healthy: A disciplined person has healthy habits. Discipline is not just about doing the same thing at its allotted time, it is most importantly about doing the right thing. A person with discipline will eat their meals at the right time, engage in regular exercise, and will follow a balanced routine of eating, exercise, work, and sleep. As a result, being disciplined will keep you healthy and in the game for the long run. Also, a disciplined person is not likely to indulge in vices like smoking and drinking alcohol, which certainly help in keeping the body fit and the mind sharp.

It keeps you more productive: A disciplined life leads to good health. And good health leads to more productivity. When you have a regular routine that you strictly follow, you eat the right amount of food at the right time, you sleep at regular times, you don’t overwork, and you get ample exercise. As a result, you are not tired and groggy during the day, your mind is clear and at its cognitive best, and you have the energy to take life head on each day. Naturally, you excel at your job and every role life puts you in.

Better emotional control: The self disciplined person knows when to speak and how to speak. They are more in control of themselves, thus having better judgment and being better able to handle situations. They do not get into trouble for indulging in immoral or unlawful activities, and are known to choose their words carefully when they speak. Violent outbursts of any kind of emotion are not a strong suit for anyone, and a disciplined person knows how to keep things from becoming ugly.

You are better suited at handling problems: A disciplined person is no exempt from their fair share of problems, but they are better at handling them. A long life of rules and discipline makes them adept at handling tough situations and thinking with a clear head in times of stress.  They are not used to flip every time things don’t go their way; instead, they are accustomed to sitting down, thinking, and analyzing the situation.

You become more likeable: When you are disciplined, you become a more likeable person because your attitude improves and your lifestyle is stable. Sure, it is fun when you are young and having a great party every other night, but it doesn’t bode well when you continue that lifestyle into your late twenties and beyond. It is not good to live a life without a routine, unstable employment, and lacking in life skills when you are an adult and expected to be a responsible member of the society. Living a more disciplined life immediately attracts more people because you are seen as a truly trustworthy, dependable person. And people are more comfortable around you when you are known for your calmness and composure.

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You have a better resume: Yes, discipline does that too. A person lacking in discipline will most likely fail to continue their education, simply because studying for years and years takes a lot of patience and concentration. Disciplined people are more likely to go for higher studies, making them more eligible in their profession of choice. And, a disciplined person finishes their work early, pays more attention to their job role, and is better at picking new skills. Composure and the ability to handle pressure without having a breakdown make them more suitable to a professional environment. Overall, a disciplined person has an impressive curriculum vitae, both in terms of educational qualification and soft skills.

Some areas of discipline are taught to us as children, the rest we have to learn ourselves as we go through life. That being said, it is in childhood that the seeds of discipline are sown. When we learn to follow some rules in childhood, it transcends into our lives as adults. So, we know when to stop partying in college and prepare for the upcoming exams, and we know when it is time to cut down on bad habits and start living a healthier life.

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