What is the Importance of electric cars

The automobile market is booming right now. A dozen new models, at least, are set to be released by the idle of next year, with many more in the pipeline for a little later release. Taking pride of place among the lot are the electric vehicles. Now this is more than just a fad or an experiment; electric cars are not inexpensive to manufacture, and companies have certainly done their market research before embarking on such a huge venture. That means that people are actually opting for electric cares right now. In this article, let us find out what makes electric cars the next big thing in the automobile market.

importance of electric cars

Better for the environment

First of all, and most importantly, electric cars will help us combat the very monster that is threatening the well being of the world at present- global warming. Cars that use fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel to run emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases that lead to air pollution and increase the temperature of the earth. The more these cars are used, the more will the air will be polluted. And harm to the environment means that there will be even more drastic climate changes, fewer and fewer areas will retain their breathability, and the entire ecosystem will be irrevocably compromised.

Better for your health

Compromising the climate comes with more immediate side effects than the ones listed above. A poor breathability rating of the air will lead to a huge number of related illnesses, such as asthma, heart diseases, and even some forms of cancer. According to a World Health Organization estimate, around 3 million premature deaths are caused by air pollution each year. Add to that the expense of treating expensive illnesses that are bred by air pollution, and you will be surprised at how many electric cars you could buy with that kind of money. Using electric cars will help us combat all of these.

Inexpensive in the long run

You are probably a tad hesitant to buy the new electric car because it seems like a bigger pocket pinch at one go than you are prepared for. But before you give it a pass and opt for the trusty old fuel-guzzler, take out a pen and do some math. How much do you pay for fuel each day? You are probably keeping a car for yourself, one for the spouse or partner, and another one is on the cards once the kid turns 16. You are paying for fuel for at least two right now, and will probably be paying for one more in the near future. Add to that the maintenance charges and the cost of servicing for the bumps and dents it gets from minor accidents every now and then. EVs, on the other hand, are smart cars that will not budge unless the road is clear, require little upkeep, and run on electricity. Electric cars will, in the long run, cost a lot less than your biofuel powered car, even after adding in the electricity cost incurred in charging.

They are so safe

When was the last time that you drove and felt completely relaxed at the end of it? If you are living in an urban population, you will be no stranger to ultra-congested streets, with honking drivers who make you want to step on your gas pedal and go on a vehicular rage spree. A decent parking spot is hard to find with cars standing nose to bumper all the way; you think there is a decent enough space, but bum into another car while trying to maneuver yours into the spot. Bumping into cars on the street is a given anyway. Buying an electric car will rid you of all these worries. They are mostly smart cars, which means they will take control on the streets, moving in accordance with the traffic rate, road conditions, nearby vehicles, and road signs.

Oh, the silence!

Let us not forget one of the biggest joys that driving an electric car gives us: the ability to drive soundlessly. Well, almost. While not all electric cars are as silent as the Batmobile, even the most average model has infinitely better acoustics than the best fuel-driven vehicle. There is none of the sound you get from keeping the diesel engine in working condition and not exploding, and your test drive will probably have you constantly wondering f you are moving at all.

Electric cars are the next best thing to hit the markets this year and the next. Although they have been around for over a decade now, the rage is only just catching on. Just take a look at the EVs the A-list stars in Hollywood are driving right now.


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4 thoughts on “What is the Importance of electric cars

  1. Mckay

    Electric cars are the future for humans. Elon Musk is my hero and I know he will be remembered as someone who saved the human race. I hope the transition from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles happens quickly. We have done enough damage to the ecosystem already.

  2. Aditya

    I’m buying the Tesla Model 3, I’ve already done the pre-booking and now waiting for the delivery. I want electric cars to be in the main stream as soon as possible. I would love to see everyone driving an electric car in the town.

  3. Jass

    Time and technology have gifted us with numerous things which have made our lives easier and smoother. Vehicles are one of them. However, everything has its price! The fuel which is used in the vehicles has caused a huge amount of damage in terms of the environment. The diesel, petrol and the gasoline which are used causes environmental pollution and today we have come to a point where something seriously needs to be done about it! Considering the deadly effect of these fossil fuels to our environment, one can only imagine what damage they have caused ever since the motor car was launched. Right from the early days, these were used as fuels.

    During the early days, the uses of cars were confined to a certain geographical area. However, with time, and considering their utilities, they have spread to all over the world. This has caused a global crisis which needs to be addressed immediately. So, what are the options we have? We simply cannot afford to abandon cars! That would be like going back to hundreds of years!

    Thankfully, it is science and technology that has helped us to come up with a solution to this problem! The electric cars are the most recent developments in the domain of car industry. So, what exactly is an electric car? It is an automobile where one or more than one electricity driven motors are used to propel it. In these cars, electric energy is used which are stored in batteries which are rechargeable. Besides, they can be stored in other storage devices as well. An instant torque is given to the cars by these electric motors which offer a smooth and strong acceleration. Tesla by Elon Musk is the most innovative company in the electric cars these days.

    What makes Electric Cars Special?

      There are a couple of reasons which have made electric cars the vehicles for the coming generation. As a matter of fact, they are already being used and some significant differences could be noticed in comparison to the fuel driven cars. Here are a couple of things which would help you understand the benefits of electric cars:

      Environment-Friendly: These cars are the best options when it comes to not harming the environment. They don’t emit harmful and deadly elements which are not only dangerous for the health of the people around but at the same time affects the environment in an adverse way. Besides, there are other aspects which have made these cars environment-friendly:

      Less Pollution: This is one of the main benefits of the electric cars. They emit a staggering amount of 66% less carbon dioxide compared to the one which runs on diesel or petrol

      Eco-Friendly: Biobased and eco-friendly materials are being used in these cars.
      Renewable Energy: The electricity which is used in these cars is derived from the renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal. As a result of this, the pollution emissions are being reduced to a great extent. The energy used by these cars are 100% renewable

      Recyclable Battery: The batteries used in the electronic cars are recyclable

      Cheaper: When it comes to the running cost, these cars are much cheaper compared to the ones which run on diesel and petrol. The cost of electricity that is required is one-third of the cost of running per mile/kilometre on petrol

      Low Maintenance Cost: Compared to the conventional cars which run on diesel or petrol, a BEV or a battery electric vehicle has a much lesser number of moving parts. When it comes to servicing costs it is much lesser compared to the traditional ones. These cars do not have the followings:

      Exhaust systems
      Starter Motors
      Injection Systems, and

    Health Benefits: The fact that these cars emit a considerably lesser amount of carbon dioxide means that they are lesser harmful to health, compared to the ones which run on petrol and diesel. These cars generate very low noise and hence they won’t cause any noise pollution either

    Safety Improvements:
    Recent findings have revealed that there are a couple of features available in the electric cars which can improve the safety. These cars have a low centre of gravity which makes them lesser susceptible to rolling over. They are also less likely to catch fire and are safe from any kind of explosions.

    These are some of the importance of the electric vehicles which have made them the transport for future. These cars are yet to be launched in bulk in the market; however, the planning, designing and production process is underway.


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