Why Is Essay Writing Important?

Have you written an essay in your life? Has anyone ever told you that essay writing is important in your life? Essay writing is, indeed, very important in our lives. Nobody would have passed their education without writing at least one essay in their lives. All the educational institutions encourage the students to develop their writing skills by conducting various competitions and written tests.

importance of essay writing

Writing is, in fact, a form of communication which is equally important as the other types of communication. Not only while in the educational sector, we use our writing skills in our day-to-day lives in the form of leave letters, social media posts, emails, newsletter, etc. Whether it is in the educational sector, business or personal life, the role of writing is inevitable. The below-mentioned points can help us understand the importance of essay writing in a person’s life.

The Importance of Essay Writing

  • To Enhance Your Thinking Abilities: While writing essays, you will have to refer to different articles and studies done by the professionals in different fields. This will give you an exposure to the different perspectives and point of views. By gaining information on the different aspects of life and literature, you will be able to make better judgments in your personal and professional lives.
  • To Improve Your Professional Relationships: An e-mail with a lot of spelling mistakes or an incorrect product description can destroy your professional relationships completely. If you have good writing skills, it will also help to impress your clients and gain their trust. Whether the reputation is good or bad, it travels faster in our society. Hence, writing skills are very important in the business sector.
  • To Express the Thoughts and Creative Ideas: One’s creative ideas and thoughts can be expressed effectively through essay writing. In the educational sector, the essay writing competitions are conducted to assess the creativity of the various studies. Even in a class, a tutor can analyze his students better through essay writing. A student can explain via an essay about what he has understood from a class or a lesson. All your thoughts and emotions can also be well expressed through essay writings. It sometimes helps to create a long-lasting impression on other people.
  • Helps to Understand the Effort Taken by a Person: Essay writing is not an easy process. You will not be able to write a good essay without any preparations and practices. A good essay also requires a lot of time to get completed. A well organized, plagiarism-free and error-free essay written by a person shows the effort he has taken to complete the task. This will encourage your superiors and peers to create a positive impression about you.
  • Makes You a Good Team Player: In many schools, the teachers encourage their students to edit their essays by forming groups. Group editing is one of the best methods to make a student an efficient team player in his professional life. Through this method, the students will understand how to work in teams and face the feedback and comments in a constructive way.
  • It’s Importance in the Job Sector: Good essay writing skills are vital in every job sector. Almost all the types of jobs require one or the other form of writing. Nowadays, all the recruiters look for professionals who have impeccable writing and communicative skills. Hence, without proper knowledge on how to write a well-organized essay, it will be very difficult to stand out in a long line of aspiring candidates.

Writing is hence a highly valued skill in our current economy. It is regarded as one of the practical skills essential to attain a good career. When we say writing skill, it is not just a basic knowledge about the writing styles, but also the professional knowledge about how a letter or a description has to be organized. This knowledge cannot be obtained in a day. To be well-versed about the professional writing skills, essay writing has to be practiced right from the primary education.

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Essay writing also helps in understanding the mindset of the audience when we present our ideas and thoughts before them. We get to understand how to accept all the types of criticisms and use them to our own advantage. In short, it induces a positive outlook in us towards all the aspects of lives. Hence, it is essential for every child to learn the habit of writing essays. On a broader perspective, essay writing plays a major role in the development of an optimistic individual.

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