Importance of Integrity

Integrity is one of the most valuable virtues that defines you as a person. It improves your overall personality and your life. It is that basic quality that you should develop to lead a successful, fulfilling and happy life. Integrity implies to be honest, and truthful in all areas of your life. By committing to become a completely honest person, you will gain respect, happiness, and victory in whatever you will do. Let us know more about the significance of integrity and how you can develop it.

integrity importance

What is Integrity?

The quality of life is determined by how you lead it. Sticking to your moral values in everything you do builds your character. Integrity helps you remain firm on your values and resolutions and consistently follow them throughout the life. It is also integrity that improves all the other values that includes courage, intelligence, and persistence.

Significance of Integrity

We come across several occasions in our daily life where we are constantly tested on our ethical, and moral character. We get influenced by our peers at the time of forming our own decisions. In such a scenario, it is important to realize what is right and stand up for it. Integrity is needed in all areas of life. It is an indispensable quality that makes marriages stronger, family relations stronger, successful business relations.

A person who has integrity is viewed as truthful and honest. His presence is admired everywhere and establishes a respected place for himself in the society. He is considered at the time of making critical decisions. He becomes a source of inspiration for everyone. His personality gains charisma, and he starts to influence others by his strong and unwavering character.

A person who has integrity will always stand for righteousness and look for justice. He will do things with perfection and strive to achieve excellence on all occasions. Such people walk the talk. You can clearly see that their work reflects the values that they cherish. Also, high integrity people will attract the same quality of people from varying fields. They will impress others by their strength of character, and makes a successful future in all walks of life. Irrespective of age, gender, and caste, Integrity is a noble virtue that should be developed by every person. If you are a parent, you can begin teaching your kids about its value at an early stage. This will help them become responsible and pass on the same virtues to their later generations.

What determines Integrity?

There are several factors that makes you a person with integrity. Some of these essential components are as follows:

Character: Integrity is closely connected to the character of a person. When you do things honestly, it builds your character. You are perceived as a genuine, authentic and dependable person. Start with being honest to yourself. Consistently do the right things at every single occasion in life. In some time, it will become your nature.

Many times people make promises but fail to keep up with them. A person of integrity, always keeps his promises and commitments and work towards achieving them. This raises your value in the eyes of others and builds your character.

High moral standards: A person with integrity is seen to live by high moral standards. In whatever they do, or talk, they always stick by their moral ethics. This is what makes them earn trust, and reputation in the society.

Honesty: Integrity demands “just” behavior, and honesty specially at those testing times. To be completely honest with other people, you need to start off with yourself. Be with yourself. If you are always truthful, and honest with yourself, you can’t false to anybody. One of the examples of honesty is to reject a job proposal when you are in dire need of it just because the company does not follow ethical and legal practices.

Highest Quality of Work: One of the signs of people who have high integrity is that they perform highest level of work in whatever they do. Such people are always honest with themselves in whatever they do, and strive hard to bring the best version of themselves at home, or at workplace.

Following things will help you cultivate integrity in you:

  • Practice righteousness in whatever you do (from simplest to major tasks) in public as well as private life.
  • Stay committed, honest and trustworthy to yourself and everyone.
  • Keep faith in God.
  • Surrounded yourself by people who value integrity.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Always keep your word or promises
  • Accept your failures, as well as successes responsibly, and gracefully.
  • Never let the situations modify your actions, and decisions in life.
  • Discipline yourself
  • Treat people with equal respect.
  • Never talk behind, or gossip about any person at his back.

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Integrity implies to be truthful, and honest to yourself in each and every aspect of life. It is the choices and decisions that you make, when the situations are in favor or against you. Make integrity, moral values, and ethics a part of your life and teach the same to your children so that they treasure the true value of life.

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