Importance of mobile phones

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. They are effective communication tools that would go a long way in exchanging information among the people. Mobile gadgets provide so many benefits to the users that it is not possible to list each of them however we are enumerating few of them.

importance of mobile phones

Connectivity: In past people could only talk through land line phones or the cordless versions that offered connectivity over few meters only. Times have changed and with technological evolution, it is possible for the users to talk to their friends, colleagues and family members irrespective of the location. You can travel to far away countries and also call back home to inform about your well being. The days of waiting in queue to make the national and international calls are long gone as mobile phones are now dominating the communication landscape.

SMS facility: You can not only call people but also send and receive short messages on the mobile phone. With the help of the keys, one can type the information and press on the send button without any hassles. While using a smart phone, you can even transfer the whole file provided that it has an internet connection. The arrival of the 3G and 4G technology has converted the phone into computer providing lots of options to the users. If you are a business man, it is possible to send the messages to the sales executives asking them about their performance and whether they were able to find new customers.

Emergency assistance: Mobile phones can be very useful in times of emergency as you can avail help at the click of a button. For instance, one can dial the number to call police or medical assistance. Quick help would go a long way in saving the lives of the people and also catching thieves and robbers. Prior to the arrival of the mobile gadgets, people had to rely on the fixed line versions that were not available round the clock.

Online shopping: Smartphones are essential in the modern era as people can easily use them to access the website and shop for the items of daily usage. Mobile phone service providers offer internet connection that is used to access the web pages. No matter where you are, it is possible to place the order and get the items delivered according to the requirements and specifications. With the phone in hand, you do not have to visit the store physically to purchase the products. Going online irrespective of the location has proved to be a boon for the customers. They can now relax and focus on other tasks rather than thinking and worrying about shopping.

GPS: You can use the navigation application of the mobile phone wherever you go. It is imbibed inside the gadget or you can download it for free from the internet store. While going a long journey, you can switch on the application and feed in the required data to know about the destination and how far it is from the current location. One is not required to ask people for the directions as the mobile phone gets connected to the satellite and shares plethora of the data. Some applications also incorporate voice facility to make sure that the people understand the instructions clearly.

Minicomputers: Modern mobile phones are far different from the ones launched in the early 90s. The phones of today are powered by processors and internal memory to facilitate the execution of the complex applications. You can play games and use chat applications to send and receive data right from messages to videos. With the increase in the speed of the internet, people can enjoy the seamless exchange of information in an easy and hassle free manner.

Enhancing the business: Mobile phones are instrumental in increasing the business of the entrepreneurs. You can create presentations on a fly and send it to your boss. Moreover, it is also possible to exchange the business reports on a daily basis. It is bound to optimize the business and ensure that the employees are productive.

Legal issues: Usage of mobile phones has helped to track down the criminals quite easily. They generally use them to communicate with each other; therefore the police can find their location with the help of the GPS application. Once the target is identified, the security personals capture the miscreants. In short mobile phones have helped to make the law and order situation better in the towns and cities. In the past, it was not possible as only fixed phones were used.


importance of mobile phones

4 thoughts on “Importance of mobile phones

  1. John B.

    Mobile phones have too many negatives in our life. Everyone has become slaves of their smartphones. We need to get rid of this addiction and only use it for communication rather than wasting our whole day on stupid snapchats and instagrams.

  2. Kiran

    There is no doubt that mobile phone is the best invention of the century. It has and still changing the world dramatically. Mobiles have made our lives so much easier. While primary function of mobile phone is helping us to communicate with text, voice calls and video calls, there is a lot more than that you can do on your smart phone now. A phone with internet access can keep you glued to the screen whole day. Never ending news feed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, new stories coming out every minute on SnapChat, 100s of whatsapp messages every day, thousands of new youtube videos everyday and lot more content that never lets you separate your phone from you.

    And do I need to mention millions of games and apps available in App Store? Actually, this is the good side but at the same time a bad side of the mobile phone.

  3. Yogita

    Well, there is nothing in the world which does not have a negative aspect to it. Even if you drink too much water, it will cause you the problem. So, it all depends on how we use thins. Same is the case with the mobile phones. If you use it in moderation, it will work as a boon, but if you get addicted to it, it will be a bane.

  4. Terry

    We all know cell phones are really important these days in our life. No one can live without a phone in today’s world. The benefits of mobile phones outshine all its cons. Just save yourself from the social media addiction.


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