Importance Of Online Teaching

The Internet has changed the way of teaching. With the use of software, and innovative technologies, online teaching is emerged as an effective way to teach, and learn. This new method of teaching offers more advantages when compared to the conventional classroom experience. It comprises of several computer-assisted teaching methods that involves specific software, and tools. In this article, we will learn about the significance of online teaching in detail.

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Types of Online Teaching

Online Teaching is classified into two groups, as synchronous teaching, and asynchronous teaching.

Synchronous teaching uses digital software to provide a real time online teaching experience. It comprises of time bound sessions wherein the student as well as the teacher has to be present online at a mutually agreed time. It is an Instructor-led online learning mode of teaching.

Asynchronous Online Teaching: In this type, courses aren’t led in real time basis. Teachers can record lectures and students can access them at their own convenience. Recorded training sessions are a good example of such teaching.

HuddleCamHD EPTZ (Electronic Pan Tilt and Zoom) webcam is one of the examples of this form of online teaching. It is a powerful webcam online that makes recording, and video conferencing very convenient. This is a plug and play webcam designed for effortless cloud-based video conferencing apps such as Skype, and Zoom. You can use it with HD live streaming on Facebook, and YouTube. It is one of the beneficial software for those interested in developing engaging video recordings, live streams, online presentations for teachers and lecturers.

Importance and Benefits of Online Teaching

Unlike classroom teaching, online teaching offers wide range of benefits to both teachers, and students.

Flexibility: The most important thing about online training sessions is the flexibility of time. This approach helps students to learn at their own place and time. It saves the time spend on commutation too. Flexibility of delivering and receiving lectures adds convenience to its users. The teacher also gains flexibility to teach students from any location in the world regardless of the student’s location.

Students can have different grasping power and learning abilities. Using recorded lectures, they can take any amount of time to understand a topic. Moreover, online training also offers flexibility of “place” to students. They can learn at the convenience of their home, coffee shop, and office.

Information sharing and data access: Another important advantage of online teaching is that it makes it easy for students to obtain, and share data promptly as well as effectively. Two people who are at different geographical locations can now share data and get access to an expansive centralized repository of data and assets easily from their place.

With online teaching, any learning material, or study resource in digital format becomes easy to share, and access. A student takes assistance of digital libraries, social media channels, and search engines to search, access and share information, and learning resources.

Diverse and enriching experience: Online teaching provides a common platform to students from different learning background to share knowledge at national or worldwide level. This teaching methodology offer enhanced engagement, and expanded connection to students.

Ease of Access: Ease of access is another benefit of online teaching. It offers a remarkable learning opportunity for learners who are not able to attend college due to any disability. These physically challenged students can access lecturers and learning material at their own place comfortably. In addition to preparing for exams, they can also take exams online. In this way, they can complete their education from any university without making a physical visit.

Digital information literacy: Online learning builds advanced education abilities that provides ease of learning to students in all nooks and corners of the world. This results in an increase in literacy rate.

Effective teaching: Unlike classroom teaching, with online teaching a teacher doesn’t have to control many students at once. As there is nil distraction, they require lesser need to manage students. Online teaching helps them focus more on the content and delivery so as to make it more simplified for students. In short, digital teaching makes the teaching-learning experience well organized.

Engagement of Student: Online teaching is preferred for another reason and that is student level engagement. It is found that the digital mode of learning incorporates greater level of engagement between teachers, and students. Comparing on the basis of communication in a traditional classroom-based learning, online teaching offer closer one-on-one session to students.

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Online teaching has become the hot trend nowadays. It is seen that students show more interest in taking up online course. They are reported to perform better, and participate more in discussions when taken through this medium. Looking at all these benefits, it becomes very clear that online teaching is going to be the future of academic learning.

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