Importance of Population Control

Population control basically refers to the practice of manipulating the size of any population. It basically refers to limiting the size of the population. Population control can be actually any methodology that is used to control the type, location, and a number of people that inhabit the earth. The tremendous increase in the growth of population takes a toll on the country as well the environment. So, to prevent the environment and the country population control is the need of the hour. Population control is an immediate requirement for the betterment of our living place that is our earth.

importance of population control

The population of human beings is on a constant rise due to better facilities available and the death rate has reduced significantly. Thereby a steep rise in the population is seen. It is extremely necessary to control the growth of population and the importance of population control are as described below:

  • First and foremost, the control in the rate of population growth is important for the prevention of shortage of food. The enormous population consumes food to such an extent that if not controlled on an immediate basis would ultimately result in a famine in the near future. Thus, it is extremely important to control the growing population for the prevention of the shortage of food.
  • Not only food but also the overall resources of the earth are getting depleted at an alarming rate. So, it becomes very essential to save the resources provided by the earth for the use of the future generation. This ever-increasing population might result in the complete extinction of the human species in a few hundred years. Thus, action should be taken very quickly to save the mankind from extinction and also to save our very own planet “The Earth”.
  • Our earth has a carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of the earth is defined as the number of people, animals, crops and other living things that a particular region can support without causing the significant damage or degradation to the environment. Now, this abnormal increase in the population has resulted in a situation that the earth has exceeded the carrying capacity and has resulted in the degradation of the environment to an extreme level and hence it is very important to control this abnormal growth of population.
  • Without effective control of the population, there would be an extreme shortage of living space. The fast-growing population is consuming all the property that is available but if this population growth continues like this, then there are high chances that no property will be left and then there will be a shortage of space for living.
  • The control of the population is playing a vital role in decreasing the level of unemployment. There are a limited number of jobs available and the number of people applying for the job is increasing day by day. Hence, there is a shortage of jobs which increases the number of unemployed significantly. Even the educated and the qualified are unable to bag a job due to the unavailability of vacant positions.
  • Controlling the growth of population plays an important role in the prevention and spread of diseases. This mainly happens in the rural area where most people are illiterate but population growth is high. Once a disease breaks out in the village or any particular area it spreads very quickly and sometimes it may even happen that the whole population of the village perishes. Hence population control is of extreme importance.
  • The increase in the population basically affects all the other necessities as well. The children are deprived of better quality education and sometimes even no education at all. The price of all essential commodities goes up due to the increasing demand and shortage of production sometimes to unavailability of the resources to produce the commodity. The other facilities like better medication, better entertainment etc. becomes unavailable to all due to the shortfall. Thus, it is of prime importance to control the highly growing population.
  • Finally, population control plays a vital role in the upliftment of the environmental condition. The environment gains are particularly significant and help to maintain a balanced environment with all the conditions that are suitable.

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Thus, one can very well understand the importance of population control so that we can save our environment. Most importantly, the people should be made aware of all the ill effects of high population growth so that they can come forward and take the necessary steps to control the population which will ultimately make our earth a better place to live.


importance of population control

2 thoughts on “Importance of Population Control

  1. Harjeet

    It is the need of the hour, the human population is growing so fast. We are running out of natural resources and humans are polluting the environment at a very fast pace. Look at countries like India and China, these two countries have 60% of the world population and their people are living so badly. Most of the people are below the poverty line and they live a life which is not worth living. If the population is low, we’ll have more resources, things will be cheaper, and everyone can live a good life.

  2. Daniel

    Provition of contraseptive could relly play a roll when talking about how to control population


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