Importance of science in our life

Every single aspect of our lives is being influenced by science in some way or the other. Every morning we wake with the noise of cars, machines and we go to bed turning our air-conditioners on!! The clothes we put on, the food we eat, our recreations, pleasure; every single thing has been influenced by science.  Science is much more that the electricity we use or the mechanized transport system we enjoy. Science has gone much beyond that, and today, we can get in touch with anyone, sitting at a different part of the world within a matter of a couple of minutes! In simple terms, science has made our lives easier, smoother and more convenient.

importance of science

There are innumerable ways in which the mankind has benefited from various contributions of science and it continues to do so. In the following section, a brief discussion will be present on how science has influenced some of the major areas of our day-to-day life.

How science contributes to our society

Science has contributed to every single sphere of human life. Some of the most important areas are as follows:

•    Life-Saving Drugs: Earlier, people used to die of tuberculosis, chicken pox, polio and other diseases, which can today be easily cured and prevented with the help of modern medicine. Science has even come up with means to fight against something as deadly as cancer!

•    Science has helped us conquer time: This is a big claim to make! However, it is not at all over exaggerated. Earlier, what took us days even for that matter months to achieve, today, with the help of Science that can be achieved within a matter of a couple of hours.

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•    Science has helped us conquer distance: Another proven fact! Earlier, prior to the invention of cars, airplanes or any other form of the modern transportation system, it took us days to cover a certain distance. Whereas today, the same distance can be covered within a matter of a couple of hours and that also with ease and comfort. Thanks to the contribution of science

•    Communication: Today all it takes to get in touch with someone sitting at a distant corner of the world is a click of the mouse. Who would have thought this prior to the invention of the telephone? The communication system kept on advancing with the invention of various other technologies like mobile phones, the internet, satellites and etc.

•    Electricity: This is perhaps the most important contribution of science. Electricity is considered to be the pillar of modern human civilization. Just imagine a couple of hours when an entire city is detached from electricity!  Life would come to a standstill. Be it communication, transportation or even entertainment for that matter, every single aspect of our lives thrive on electricity

These are only few contributions of science towards the development of human society. There are many other ways in which we have benefited from various scientific inventions and discoveries. The process continues.


essay on importance of science in our life, importance of science in our life

One thought on “Importance of science in our life

  1. Shakti

    I totally agree with this article. Science is the best thing to happen to the mankind. Often religious people blame science for many things but they don’t know how many problems science has solved, how science made our lives easier. These people use science in their everyday life and still blames it.

    Just look around you, how many things you can see that are the product of scientific innovations? Even the phone or PC on which you are reading my comment right now is a product of science. Now you know how science is a boon for us.


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