Importance of Technology in Agriculture

We are currently living in a world of technology which affects every aspect of our life. Technology is of extreme importance in several fields such as education, nursing, startup etc. and similar is in the case of agriculture as well. Technology has played a very important role in the development of the agricultural industry. Due to technology, it is even possible to grow crops in a desert by the use of biotechnology. The plants are engineered in such a way that they can withstand severe climatic conditions such as drought. Thus, technology is of immense importance to agriculture as well as in all other fields.

importance of technology in agriculture

The importance of technology in agriculture for its betterment and developments are as described below;

  • First and foremost, technology has brought machines on the farms. The farmers use different types of machines for the cultivation of the land instead of the traditional methods which involved not only a lot of time but also huge labor. With the use of technology, the farmers can now cultivate more than 2 acres of land with less labor and that too in a quick span of time. Also, it cuts down the costs significantly. The farmers use tractors, planters, harvesters and other harvesting technology which makes the overall process extremely easy and convenient at the same time. Time and production are the two most important things in agriculture and with the help of modern agricultural technology it allows less number of farmers to grow vast quantities of crops in a short span of time.
  • The modern transportation helps in making the products available in the market on proper time. Technology has made long distance transportation very quick which ultimately speeds up the supply of all agricultural products to the markets for the consumers on a daily basis. This modern transport technology has been of great help to the farmers in getting fertilizers and other necessary farm products easily transported to their farms.
  • The modern cooling and storage facilities have been of great help for the crops that are perishable in less time duration because with these modern facilities the crops remain fresh for the longer duration of time and hence can be delivered fresh to the markets for sale. The cooling facilities are installed in the trucks that are used for the purpose of transportation for the delivery of fresh products. The modern storage facilities are helpful to store the surplus production so that they do not decay and can be transported later when the demand arises. This saving of the crops from decaying saves the farmers from the huge loss that they would have to face otherwise.
  • With the advancement of biotechnology, genetically engineered crops can be produced which gives the farmers huge yields in a quick duration of time. The genetically modified crops grow very quickly and the yields that are produced is very healthy. Most importantly, these crops are resistant to several diseases, pest, and insects which prevent the farmers on spending huge sums of the pesticides & insecticides. This saves time, cost and labor at the same time thus giving the farmers significant increase in the returns on their investment. The crops are even modified in such a way that the crops are able to survive without water as well which is of immense help during the conditions of drought or lack of irrigation facilities. All of these have been possible due to nothing other than technology. Thus, it can be seen how important technology is for agriculture.

Improved irrigation facilities for the better growth of plants has been possible due to the advancement in the field of technology. Even in the driest of the areas, the farmers are able to grow crops with the modern irrigation facilities that are available in the recent times. In even the desert areas, the farmers are able to grow crops which were not feasible before due to lack of water. Now, the farmers make use of the water pumps for the collection of the water from the nearby water resources or use the water that is available underground and are easily able to cultivate their fields to grow crops without any hindrances. Technically advanced methods of irrigation like the water sprinklers are being used to irrigate huge farms very easily without spending too much effort or time.

Sometimes the farmers even mix essential nutrients and fertilizers in these water sprinklers which not only irrigates the crops but also supplies the essential nutrients which improve the growth of the crops at the same time.

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