Importance of television

The television is undoubtedly one of the most momentous inventions of the twentieth century. Ever since its invention, it has received mixed reviews; while most of us were initially quite taken aback by the wonder that it is, its drawbacks slowly started to dawn on us. This incredible device has, since its inception, taken entertainment to a new level, and has expanded its territory from entertainment to information. Today, the television is not only a source of entertainment for us, but is also the device that allows us to connect to the rest of the world and learn about what is happening elsewhere in the world. And that explains why even today, when the social media and the internet have made everything easily accessible to us, the television is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

importance of television

In this article, let us explore how television has, and continues to, influence and inspire us.


Standing today, one of the biggest factors that is still keeping the television set in the home is its user friendliness. For a considerable percentage of the world population, using the internet through devices like the computer and the smartphone is still not easy. A lot of the older population, plus those who have always lived in remote areas in underdeveloped nations and who also have a low literacy rate, are at a disadvantage when it comes to operating smartphones and computer. The television, on the other hand, is a highly user friendly device; since we have been using the television for a very long time, it is very easy for all people to handle a basic television set.


Yet another factor that contributes to the popularity of televisions is its comparative cheapness. Even today, the basic television set is a lot less expensive than the computer or the smartphone. That, coupled with the fact that it can be operated by anybody and everybody in mainstream society, enables the television to continue to be a lot more popular than other forms of entertainment.

Variety of entertainment

Speaking of entertainment, the television is still unparalleled in this area. With hundreds of channels available, one can choose any form of entertainment one wishes. It is a great boon for the elderly and the differently abled, who would otherwise have virtually no other way of passing the time than reading. That is not to undermine the importance of reading, but to emphasize that it is god to have variety in one’s forms of entertainment. It is especially a boon for working parents who can keep their children engaged with kid-friendly shows while they complete the chores, before they can spend quality time with their children. One can choose to watch movies, daily soaps, music videos, cartoons, and even documentaries in their television set.


And the television is not just a mode to get your daily dose of fiction, either. With Discovery Chanel, History Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet and the likes, it is now possible to gain a lot of information from television as well. You can watch documentaries and informative shows on a variety of topics of interest. Whether you like learning about ancient cultures or ancient alien civilizations on earth and beyond, there is something to cater to your attention on television.

News reports

The television is also a great way to gather news of what is happening in various parts of the world. It was the earliest modes of learning information about current events in any part of the world back when it was first introduced to homes across the world in real time. And even today, it is the only place where we can get real time info on the action happening anywhere, be it wars breaking out or an award ceremony taking place.

The television has garnered quite a bad rap among people. Most people feel that it is a bad influence on youngsters and older persons alike. We blame the television for spreading false rumors, promoting unhealthy images, and violent behavior. It is blamed to unhealthy lifestyle choices, for promoting addiction, and for taking reading off the table for past and upcoming generations.

But, while we put television in front f the firing squad, we tend to forget that this invention has also brought the rest of the world into our homes and in our very drawing rooms. This medium is solely responsible for the fact that even in the days prior to the internet, people could still be aware of major events happening millions of miles away from their own homes. Like everything else, how we use television is what determines its influence on us.

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  1. Sara

    No doubt television is a great source of learning and entertainment but there are many negative effects of television as well. If someone watches too much of TV, he/she does not only waste their precious time, but it also affects their health. It affects your eyes, you gain weight because of less physical activity + you can attract other dangerous diseases as well. So, it is very important that you watch TV for a limited time and focus on your health as well. Same goes for smartphones, the internet, social media, gaming and other technology phenomena. These technology inventions have limited our physical activity and affect our health to a great extent. It’s very important that you limit the usage of these gadgets.


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