Importance of good health in our life

By | June 21, 2016

Appropriate info to make one healthy

Human health which is being considered as the dynamic process just because it is ever changing. Sickness and good health are the two cons as well as pros of our life. Whenever there is a slight change in our lifestyle. Health level also changes. It is equally important to maintain other constituents of health as it is essential to preserve good physical health. These components are mentioned below-

importance of good health
•    Mental health- in includes the learning ability as well as intellectual power. Numerous life experiences along with different formal structures help you in enhancing mental health.
•    Spiritual health- it represents a belief or faith in one unifying force. The core concepts rest on one’s faith.
•    Social health- it represents the person ability to interact or socialize with others. Good social health helps you in meeting all the personal relationships which are essential for humans.
•    Emotional health- it is an ability which helps an individual to govern emotions. It makes you comfortable while expressing appropriate emotion in front of others.
Physical health which is a concern of many can be improved with intake of a balanced diet along with systematic physical activities. With improved lifestyle, you will experience less sickness furthermore fewer diseases. Fitness & wellness are interrelated to the good health. Fitness professional always recommend people to spend one to two hours daily doing physical activity. Importance of good health in our life can be explained in many ways such as –
1.    It imparts endurance as performing daily task of physical activity will make your heart, lungs as well as circularity system fit.
2.    It makes your body flexible as with regular reaching, stretching moreover with bending. It keeps our muscles relaxed plus joint mobile.
3.    It is effective in gaining strength and improving body posture.
4.    It leads to cardiovascular plus aerobic conditioning. Heart failure is the major cause of death in humans. Bad eating habits and no exercise make your heart sick. Aerobic exercise with a healthy diet can make your heart all fit and fine.
5.    It maintains core stability as well. It strengthens human muscles which are present over spine as well as abdomen & pelvic floor. Such muscles control posture, balance along with efficiency/power that is required by the body.
The importance of good health in our life can be relished by proper intake of nutrition. Our body requires an appropriate amount of vitamins, proteins, fat, carbohydrate and mineral. Healthy food provides us energy to work and to fight against diseases. Nutrients deficiency leads to various disorders which can make you sick ultimately. In order to strengthen our immune system and live a disease-free life, you require nutritional food.
For body recuperating there is need of proper rest along with relaxation. Muscles can become sore because of use and brain may require time for cooling down, therefore, proper rest may help you in performing better at your workplace. Inadequate rest leads to injury and stress arises from tired brain consequently health professional always advise their patients to take at least eight hours of proper sleep without disturbances.


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  1. Uriop

    Well, there is no doubt good health is the most important asset any human can have. If you are not healthy, no amount of money in the world can make you happy. I think everyone knows this but we forget this in our so busy and fast life. We start compromising, start skipping workouts and think we’ll catch up later on. But no, you gotta start today, else it’ll be too late. I learned this hard way.


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